Tijana Jovanovic

Hello, this is rather silly to write about myself but I will try to do it short and informative enough.

I am a young architect full of life and will to work hard, to learn something new, to explore, travel, meet new people and get to know new cultures. My great passion is photography which I try to improve every day by finding some new sites to photograph, new angles, scenes and moments. Also one of my past time jobs is cooking, I like to watch cooking show on TV (Jamie is one of my favorites) and try to prepare and serve some interesting dishes, sweets and salads.

When I have a project to do, I am always focused to do a good job, very ambitious due to the fact that I’m a hard working, goal oriented person whose priority is to satisfy any client, or company in which I work.
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  • This is a small project I’ve done with a good friend of mine Natasa Ivanovic. It was an anniversary surprise for my boyfriend and she made it look impressive. Cupcakes were chocolate, sweet and delicious. This is her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kapkejkuj :) so enjoy her great cupcake art.

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